Company Rules of Engagement


Bayes’ services are exclusive for investors (equity investors and lenders) and experts that have proven capabilities to work with the investor community on assessing potential investments or improving the performance of these investments. Bayes’ individually screens all experts and members and does not allow recruiters, consultants or any intermediaries to access and use the network.


Bayes’ trusts experts and members to refrain from any actions that may harm the quality of our service or the confidence in our network, even when these developments or actions are within the law or not formally contradicting our formal policies.


Bayes’ expects members and experts to use and expand the network only to find and contact potential partners for cooperation. The network will not allow solicitation of members or experts, circumvention of the Bayes’ platform or the use of its data with the purpose to compete with it.


Bayes’ is completely transparent towards all stakeholders (employees, experts, customers, shareholders) about the use and storage of personal data, any algorithms used to select and rank experts, and all financial data of the company including the full details of costs and revenues.


Bayes’ expects individual users to limit using our service and information to serve the objectives of our network and to refrain from copying or forwarding parts of our data or use such the network in any way that affects the performance of our service for the rest of the group.


Bayes’ only works with individuals, institutions and companies that understand the importance of confidentiality. Our experts know how to use their previous experiences and knowledge to excel in their profession, without sharing any information that could impact their customers or members of the Bayes’ network. Our members value the privacy and integrity of Bayes’ experts and members. We adhere to the highest standards of data protection, including GDPR in the EU.

Bayes’ will exclude all experts and members that do not adhere to these rules from further participation, and refund their membership fees in full.